What does it mean to be at home with yourself?

"Make oneself at home" is a prevalent quote what a person needs to do to feel comfortable and relaxed. "All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone." – French scientist and philosopher Blaise Pascal. Being alone doesn't mean you have nobody around you. It is not at all critical to constantly be surrounded by people. But we all have a point of time in life when we crave time away from everyone. We want to know ourselves better. Do you like to learn how to enjoy your own company? Let us help you to happily stuck with yourself for the rest of your life. You can pursue many activities like writing music, building furniture, planting a veggie garden, making scented candles, knitting or crocheting a throw or scarf, drawing, painting, and scrapbooking. Fetch yourself a bit of breathing space.

What does it mean to be at home with yourself?

Coming home means this

You seriously don't owe anyone an explanation for the decisions you take to grow. It takes a lot of courage to look, accept who you are, and smile back. Have the courage to look yourself in the mirror. Coming home means you see your face confidently. You will have to make the distinction between improvement and perfection. Improvement doesn't aim to become perfection. You need to accept yourself. Perhaps today, you are on a mission to find out what your presence on earth really means. You have to make yourself understand that there is a purpose for you being here. Focus every day on becoming a better version of yourself. Know what you are doing here. Accept your flaws and have the courage to make changes in them. Admire others because this will make you happy. Admire the person you see in the mirror. Listen to what successful people say and work hard to become one. Don't force yourself to become a carbon copy. You can still dream of wanting to be like some successful and kind people. Coming home is an opportunity for you to befriend friends with yourself and say you say to yourself, "you are magic. Hello! You better stop looking at other people's criticism because not everyone is going to understand your goals. Start taking yourself seriously. You need to know that you are unique, kind, courageous, and extraordinary. You are beautiful in an inexplicable way.

Do you crave your own space? Sometimes we struggle with pain. We often feel irritated with some awkward situations. Maybe, we get disappointed with someone. All these consequences could be a sign. Perhaps these signs mean that you need to be with you. In this case, you should find a little time for yourself. Try to know if you are aware of your peace of mind. Plan any activity to do alone. You can cheer yourself up to go out for a walk. You can go outside to play video games or to sit in a park reading a book. Engage yourself in some of the exciting activities. You can take a bath. Spending your free time with yourself is vital to step back from a bad situation. Acknowledge the feeling of 'I' and gain some new and innovative perspectives.

Take a break from social media.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn are platforms where millions of people spend time. Do you also keep on scrolling Social media? Nowadays, people are unaware of what's happening around them but aware of their neighbors' choices because of social media. Social media doesn't allow us to fetch some time for ourselves. We might often feed ourselves the world of social media, where things appear to be perfect. You see people constantly having fun in a photo and decide how boring your life is. Then you scroll further and can't digest the fact that everyone is enjoying and traveling the world. But these photos don't convey the whole truth. People make beautiful Instagram profiles, but their life is not that sweet. Problems are complicated situations that are part of everyone's life. You don't have to give up. Remember that you are more robust and rational. Every mistake allows you to become a better version of yourself. Social media is not the wrong place but use it wisely.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

You can get inspired and motivated by beautiful photos and posts of successful people. It's a fantastic way to promote your self-esteem. You don't have to compare your life to everyone else's. Stop punishing yourself for serious FOMO (fear of missing out). People love to spend time with friends, or some people enjoy socializing. But don't forget that people want to know themselves better too. They want to spend some with their own selves. The reality is they need their time too. Surrounded by people 24/7, thefts privacy and sometimes makes us annoyed. Spend time with yourself to reflect, adjust and grow.

Do what makes you smile every time.

Sometimes we miss our stupid version. We want to enjoy life as if we are five years old kids. Isn't it? We want to go for a surf, take a long walk, practice yoga, camping, tracking, swimming, rafting, gardening, or cook a delicious lunch. Traveling reduces stress, and it is one of the best ways to explore ourselves. Do you know what is responsible for personal growth? Your personal development is basically in your hands, and for that, you have to reward yourself. For example, if you work hard five days a week. Fix a day to relax and chill. Do all the activities that you enjoy. This will make you independent. Being independent is undoubtedly very crucial. Do you know why? Simply because life is a journey, where sometimes we have to fight alone. We have to fight certain situations in life where we cannot rely on anyone else. We want to find out our comfort zone, and only we can give it to ourselves. We can say anything. You might need yourself because you experience things you thought you never would. We have the capabilities to support ourselves without anyone else's support. Don't let any obstacle hinder your opinion or mood to influence your experience badly.

Try to show empathy to others.

Solitude teaches you to be kind towards yourself and others. It is the best way to spend the best time to get things finished. Solitude teaches you to control your anger. Do you know how to manage your rage? If you spend few minutes understanding your feelings, your emotions with definitely gather calmness. Take deep breaths and understand what could give you peace. This will stop you from taking impulsive actions. Controlling your anger is vital for our health and the people around us. It stops you from doing things that hurt others. Why wait for any stranger when you can be the most productive person? Make yourself understand that nothing could distract you. Take yourself away from distractions. When you are ready to start a new project, don't step back just because you are alone. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you have any doubt or any query, don't give up faith. Start because being alone is the perfect time to work on it!

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